Parents Seeking To Relocate

Established Attorney Helps Custodial Parents Relocate With Their Child

Child custody is perhaps the most challenging issue in a divorce. A great solution is for the parents to be granted joint custody, but what if one of you needs to move? JerriLynn Hadley PLLC is dedicated to protecting your rights to raise your child. I represent parents in Florida who are seeking permission from a court to move their children.

Reliable Counsel Helps You Avoid Legal Problems

Life changes and sometimes a parent who shares custody has to relocate. State rules determine the relocation process when parents share custody of a child. Some states require a signed petition filed prior to the move. In other locations, the court must be notified after the move. But the most common issue is a conflict with the child’s other parent. Most professionals feel it is best for children to be able to see both parents, but this is not always realistic. Allow me to argue why you need to move and advocate for your child’s best interests. Top factors in child relocation include:

  • New job opportunity
  • Job loss
  • Medical attention for you or your child
  • Caretaking a relative out of state
  • A serious relationship or marriage

It is not uncommon to have to move in life. I can seek an optimal resolution in your relocation case.

Custody Issues For Military Service Members

In the military, it is not uncommon to be requested to move repeatedly. Deployments can last for months or years. As a family law attorney, my skills help military parents navigate the legal issues concerning relocation and their children. If you are returning from a deployment, I can assist you in seeking regained custody of your children.

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