Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce With Compassion And Experience

In a traditional divorce, spouses and their attorneys appear before a family law judge who issues a final divorce order. This route has many downsides, though: lack of control, lack of privacy and cost, to name three. Instead, you may prefer to use collaborative law to work with your spouse on achieving mutually satisfactory decisions.

At JerriLynn Hadley PLLC, I have represented Florida spouses in their collaborative divorces for more than 20 years. What I bring to the table, in addition to my experience, is my ability to resolve problems calmly. Together, you and I can use collaborative law to end your marriage and decrease your stress.

Collaborative Law: The Basics

There are three forms of collaborative divorce:

  • Collaborative negotiation: Represented by your own attorneys, you and your spouse can hold private discussions to reach an agreement on various divorce matters.
  • Mediation: In mediation, each spouse has their own attorney. A neutral mediator facilitates discussions in which the spouses reach compromises on issues such as asset distribution or alimony.
  • Arbitration: You and your spouse can also present your sides before a neutral arbitrator. Similar to a judge, the arbitrator issues a binding decision. However, the arbitration process remains private.

I have extensive skill in all these methods. No matter which one is right for you, I can represent you at every step.

A Team Approach To Divorce

I work with a team of professionals to provide comprehensive service. Some of the professionals in my network include financial planners, facilitators, licensed mental health clinicians and forensic accountants. Our team will have all your needs covered throughout the collaborative divorce process.

Learn About Collaborative Divorce In A Free Consultation

Reach out to me at JerriLynn Hadley PLLC to discuss whether using collaborative law in your divorce is the best option for you. You can schedule a free initial consultation with me at your convenience. Call my office at 850-641-8959 or send me an email.