Child Support Modification

Skilled Family Lawyer Helps Parents In Modifying Child Support Orders

Both parents are responsible for supporting their children – even if they divorce. If a couple chooses to live separately, there will most likely be a financial struggle with one household providing for the children. Many times, a judge will order primary custody to one parent and child support payments to the other parent. In cases, where the parents were never married, the single parent could be granted child support payments. Child support helps the parent with custody provide for a child’s needs, typically until the child is 19. Sometimes circumstances change, like having to relocate, and a modification order is needed. At JerriLynn Hadley PLLC, in Pensacola, I represent parents throughout Florida who seek to modify child support payments.

I Help Parents Modify Child Support Orders And Agreements As Circumstances Change

Child support payments are decided based on the needs and circumstances at the time of the legal divorce. A judge typically takes in to consideration the needs of the child then and in the future when granting the awards. But life may change for the parents and/or the child. Factors, like getting a job in another state or having to move due to medical needs, may require a child support order modification.

Understanding How A Support Order Is Modified

Sometimes the process of modifying a court order is complicated. A judge can modify plans in some states, whereas in other states, a court proceeding is necessary. If you and the other parent can collaborate and agree, determining a new plan can go smoothly. If you disagree, I can advocate on your behalf before a judge.

Reasons For Modifying A Support Order

If you or your child has a changing circumstance or the other parent wants to know how much they pay in child support, call my firm right away. My extensive experience in modifying orders and defending my clients can help fight for your rights. Factors that may cause the amount of support to increase or decrease may include:

  • Job layoff
  • Pay raise or inheritance
  • Parent imprisonment
  • Additional children
  • A disability
  • New school expenses
  • Extra-curricular school activity expenses like sports and music

Let me put my extensive experience assisting parents with support modifications to work for you. I will work diligently for the welfare and financial well-being of any child.

You Need To Go Through The Courts To Make Changes

Changes to finances and the changing needs of your children may require going to court to modify a support order. You must continue to pay child support at the amount deemed by the court, until the court makes a legal modification.

Some people think they can just stop paying support payments for their child. Others think they can just change how much they pay. Child support is ordered by a judge and not abiding to the order can result in fines or incarceration. Only the permission of a judge can change your financial support payments. If you don’t pay, the total you owe will keep adding up and is not dischargeable debt: it’s yours for life. If you cannot make your payments for any reason, contact my office for a consultation. I can investigate legal options.

Enforcing Child Support Agreements

Child support payments belong to your child. If the other parent is not making payments, call me right away. I know child support law and can help collect on what is legally owed to your child. Let my compassionate and assertive legal representation help you enforce a child support order today.

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