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I Provide Caring Knowledgeable Legal Guidance For All Family Law Matters

If you are contemplating divorce, worried about custody or time sharing with your children, or preparing to relocate, difficult family times require the representation of a highly experienced, empathetic family law attorney. At JerriLynn Hadley PLLC in Pensacola, my focus is on your family issues. I understand what you are going through and I will work hard the best results possible for you. I will explain this complicated process until you understand all of your options. Then I will fight to get you what you need to move forward with your life.

Years of Knowledge And Hard Work Focused On Achieving A Positive Resolution For You

I am a skilled family law attorney.  I am experienced and tough in Court.  I am trained and skilled in Mediation and Collaborative Law. I am dedicated to helping you resolve all family legal issues, whether that entails negotiation or trial.  Your goals are my priority.  I can help you with all your family law matters, including:

  • Marriage Dissolution: No two families are the same and no two Divorces are the same.  I will spend the time necessary to figure out what is important to you and your family.  I offer representation and guidance through all stages of your divorce.  Let’s sit down and discuss your needs and answer your questions.  Together we can get you Divorced and ready to move forward to the life you deserve.
  • Child Custody: Time with your children is the most important thing you as a parent have to offer your children.  In a perfect world both parents would have equal time and a strong loving relationship with their children.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world.  Our States laws regarding Child Custody, or Time Sharing are complicated and constantly changing.  Let me help navigate the system.  Together we can develop a plan to provide your children with the safety and security they must have.  I offer guidance in custody matters, including visitation and parenting time.
  • Child Support: Child support is not about you. It is about your children. Each parent has a responsibility to provide for their children. Your children deserve to be taken care of. Child support is not meant to cripple a parent, it is meant to support the children. There are many factors the Courts consider when calculating child support. I spent several years representing the State in Child Support matters. I understand the system and can represent and guide you through the process.
  • Spousal Support/Alimony: There are several types of Alimony or Spousal Support recognized in the State of Florida. What are you entitled to?  What, if any are you obligated to pay? These are important questions for anyone thinking about Divorce. Knowledge is key to getting the best result for your future. Alimony laws are always changing. I work to keep up with these changes and what is needed to get you the best results. Knowing the rules for support before you file for Divorce can make a significant difference in your outcome.
  • Relocating Children: Relocating with children is a difficult challenge. The laws are difficult and aimed at keeping your child where both parents can continue to have contact and a relationship with the child. The Courts want what is best for the children. Let’s talk about how to relocate with your children. There are many things we can do to increase your chances of moving on and away with your children. I can help you.
  • Child Support and Custody Order modifications: Life changes. Your Child Custody Agreement may need to change too. If Time Sharing or Visitation has changed then Child Support should too. You will need an agreement or a Court Order Modified to officially make those changes. Let me advocate for changes to your Child Custody, Child Support and other Court Orders.
  • Complex Asset Divorce: Protecting your assets and providing for your future is a priority. Complex Asset Divorce require a great deal of skill and knowledge. Tracing assets to determine what is non-marital and what the value was at various points in the marriage is extremely important to the end result. I will strive to assist you through complicated assets, including real estate retirement accounts, pensions and stock options.
  • Asset and Liability Distribution: Protecting your assets and property during a dissolution of marriage in important. Dividing up the liabilities or debts is just as important. It can make a difference in the quality of your life and that of your children in the future. Do not let go of what you will need to ensure your future before we go over the details. I will fight hard and smart to help you keep everything you are entitled to.
  • Military Divorce: There are so many special challenges to military life. Military Divorces involve possible Relocation, Federal Retirements, Veteran’s Benefits and Veteran’s Disability, Long Distance Time Sharing, Tri-Care the GI Bill and many other things that are unique to Military families. I grew up in a military family. Then I joined the Navy and now I am a Disabled American Veteran (DAV). I understand in ways many attorneys do not how the Military and the Florida Court system should work for you. Making the two systems work together requires a great deal of knowledge and experience in many different areas of the law to get the best outcomes for your family. Let me help.
  • Domestic Violence – Victim Representation: Are you a Victim of Domestic Violence? If so, do you have the protection in place you need? Family law cases involving Domestic Violence require extra protection for each step. I am a strong advocate for clients that are in this situation. I will stand up for you when you can’t.
  • Domestic Violence Injunction (DVI): Getting the protection you need to keep you and your family safe is important. There are several different types of protective Orders our court systems can provide. Getting Domestic Violence Injunctions or No Contact Orders can be difficult and emotional experiences. Anti-Stalking Orders are an additional way to protect yourself. I have experience with these processes and can advocate for your so that you can have the protection you need.
  • Domestic Violence – False Accusation Representation: Many times, people use false accusations of Domestic Violence as a way to manipulate the system when filing for Divorce. This can position them better for custody and time sharing. If you have been falsely accused of Domestic Violence it is important to have a strong defense. Do not let someone’s false accusations destroy your future or your time with your children.
  • Collaborative Law: I understand that every divorce does not have to be contentious. Collaborative Law is an exciting new method of ending a marriage quickly and fairly for both parties. The process allows a family to end a marriage without Court and without continuous ugly fighting. This process helps you move forward with your life. Ask me about the Collaborative Law process and if it might be right for your life.
  • Estate Planning: Is your will up to date? Do you know who your beneficiaries are? Does your family know what you what if you are hospitalized and can not speak for yourself? If you cannot answer these questions, we need to get your estate plan in order.

I am dedicated to helping you resolve all family legal issues, whether that entails negotiation or trial. Your goals are my priority.

Protecting Your Investments In A Complex Asset Divorce

In a Complex Asset Divorce, there is a lot at stake: complicated assets, investments, real estate, retirement accounts, pensions and stock options. If you have children, you will need to consider child custody arrangements and child support requests. If you are the lower-income spouse, you may find yourself ill-equipped to support yourself after divorce and may need to seek alimony payments. The law firm of JerriLynn Hadley PLLC can guide you through your divorce and ensure your assets and investments are protected.

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Whatever your divorce or another family legal issue is, I can help. During an initial consultation at my Pensacola, Florida office, I will review the details of your case, explain the relevant issues and the law, offer you legal options and answer your questions. Call 850-641-8959 or email the firm to arrange a consultation.