Estate Planning

Reliable And Practical Estate Planning

Making an estate plan that documents where your assets and property go after death can be overwhelming. At JerriLynn Hadley PLLC in Pensacola, I can help you leave your legacy with all aspects to an estate plan including drafting, reviewing and executing a will. My reliable and practical estate planning can confidently prepare you and your family for whatever the future may hold. No matter what size of estate you have, I can help you convey your intentions giving you peace-of-mind.

Knowledgeable Counselor Creates Comprehensive Legacy Instructions

A will is a vital element to an estate plan and must be documented correctly. If not, it can confuse the court and be declared invalid. Securing an experienced estate planning attorney to manage this documentation is imperative. My experience includes drafting numerous, detailed wills with attention to these factors:

  • A will must have proper execution, be signed by the testator (creator of the will) and have a witness.
  • The testator of the will must intend that it is a last will and testament at the time of documentation
  • Unclear language/statements in a will that are open to interpretation can invalidate part or all of the will.

Errors in drafting a will can also cause conflict among your heirs. Make certain that your wishes can be carried out, by using a reputable estate planning lawyer. Through JerriLynn Hadley PLLC, I offer attentive, significant legal representation for all aspects of a will.

Thorough Attorney Makes Plans To Protect Your Loved Ones

A will is one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones. A last will and testament allows your wishes to be known upon your death. These wishes may include how assets and property are to be distributed and to whom, and who will care for your children. In a will, you can leave property to someone who is not a blood relative, such as a charity, friend or domestic partner. Don’t let a court determine how your estate is distributed: have a will drafted today. As a deeply experienced estate planning lawyer,  I can draft clear, legally sound wills that includes aspects such as:

  • Property —  Wills can indicate your wishes for different types property including motor vehicles and house, to valuable collections and jewelry.
  • Financial assets — Choose how your financial assets in stocks, bonds, retirement plans and bank accounts can be distributed to beneficiaries.
  • Guardianships — Make legal contingency plans for the care of minor children; important for both single parents and couples. Also leave guardianships for pets.
  • Executor responsibilities — Leave instructions for who will be the executor of your estate to distribute property and ensure your wishes are carried out.

As life goes on, you may want to make changes to your will. I can help with any updates or revisions to your will and recommend an intermittent will reviewal that looks at your finances, marital status and family situation. JerriLynn Hadley PLLC can also add codicils to address changes.

Contact An Estate Planning Lawyer For Help With Your Will

At JerriLynn Hadley PLLC, I draft effective wills for clients in Florida. Call me at 850-641-8959 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my office.