Living together may increase chances of divorce

Living together may increase chances of divorce

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When a couple decides to get divorced, there are likely many factors that led to that decision. What some couples don’t realize, however, is that there are certain things that are common in modern relationships that can actually hurt your chances of having a lasting marriage. Here are some things you need to know about premarital cohabitation and how it can hurt your chances of getting married and increase your chances of getting divorced in Florida.

Living with your partner before marriage

Moving in with your partner before you get married is becoming increasingly common in modern relationships. There have been studies that show that the number of couples moving in together before marriage is increasing faster than the number of couples that are actually getting married. While it isn’t always a bad thing, this can have a lot of negative effects if your goal is to get married.

Premarital cohabitation can be risky

Premarital cohabitation can be risky in a few different ways. For some people, it might cause them to never get married because they are already living with their partner and they may even already have kids with their partner. They feel like there is no point in getting married as they are already living the life of a married couple.

For those who do get married, though, it can increase the likelihood of divorce. This can be for a few reasons, but the main reason is that moving in together is a huge step in a relationship.

Once you are living under the same roof as your partner and sharing expenses with them, it becomes much harder to break up. Since moving in together can make it extra difficult to break up, couples may think that they might as well just get married, even if they personally have some doubts about it.

This doesn’t mean that every relationship with premarital cohabitation is destined to fail. There are many couples who live together for years before getting married, and then have long and happy marriages afterward. However, if you want to maximize the chance of your marriage lasting a long time, you may want to forgo living together before tying the knot.