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Your Family Legal Needs

Trying to resolve child custody, spousal and child support, asset division and other family legal matters makes the already emotionally exhausting divorce process seem endless. It is essential to have an experienced, passionate and straightforward family law attorney by your side. A knowledgeable counselor who will protect your rights to what you treasure the most: your family.

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Collaborative Law, a More Holistic Approach to Divorce

Collaborative law takes a more family-friendly approach to dissolving a marriage. It is a progressive approach to dissolution that is catching on in our community. As a collaborative law attorney, I can help guide the process toward cooperative resolution that is good for everyone involved. This can help save you both time and money and keeps your life out of the courtroom.  As we work together to end your marriage, you learn ways of eliminating the drama while getting the results you and your children need to move forward.

The collaborative approach is not for every family. But if you would like to part amicably so you can share your children’s lives it might be a good fit. Ask me about the process and we can decide together if it could work for you.

If there is violence physical and or emotional abuse or substance abuse involved, then this is not a process to consider.

Changing Families, Changing Estate Planning

After a divorce, it may make sense to revise your estate plan and name new desired beneficiaries. This is especially important if you own valuable assets. Do not leave what you’ve worked so hard for to chance. I can help guide you and document a plan that can be revised at any time.